Leeds United, Elland Road Stadium 

ImPerium Integration Ltd installed and maintained a networked voice alarm system comprising two separate rack locations in the East and West stands, linked by a fire rated fibre optic ring which is installed on the roof of the stands. The depth of the North, East and West stands means that two rows of Loudspeakers are employed, with the systems providing acoustic delay to the rear loudspeakers. Ever loudspeaker circuit is also provided with digital paramedic equalisation to allow for the tailoring of the sound in the four very different acoustic environments presented by each stand.

Dixons Carphone Warehouse Group

When we were approached to maintain an ageing and unreliable system by Dixons Carphone Warehouse (Curry’s), we were some what taken a back by the scale of the project. With over 1.5 million square feet of warehousing and office space spread across two interlinked hubs the scale of the opportunity and the challenge were formidable.

manchester airport

ImPerium Integration Ltd was chosen to provide an internet protocol (IP) CCTV upgrade for the entire Manchester International Airport site. Comprising over 2500 cameras, multiple intruder alarm panels, IP intercoms and numerous legacy DVR’s, ImPerium are utilising “ImPerium Pro”, enterprise class software suite. The undue requirements of one of the UK’s busiest airports means that as well as utilising the already extensive array of support IP devices, specialist development is being undertaken to provide integration with baggage system. 

lloyds banking group

Lloyds Banking group are one of the big five high street banks in the UK financial sector. We have installed and maintain an array of different systems from full Digital Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems to simple Background Music solutions. Our real time reporting and 24 hour service division allow Lloyds to minimise system down time and fully manage system life cycles across thousand of sites. 

westfield london shopping centre

Westfield London Shopping Centre is the largest inner city shopping mall in Europe. In addition to over 265 shops Westfield Shopping Centre has a wide range of facilities including car parks, concourses, bars, restaurant and a multiplex cinema. ImPerium Integration Ltd were employed to design, install and maintain a networked Voice Alarm system comprising over 20 separate racks networked together with fire rated Fibre Optic cable.


ImPerium Integration Ltd were approached by the community and was asked to design and install a brand-new public-address system for the mosque and have it operational for Eid, this gave us a week 3 deadline. Audio quality was of the upmost importance for them and Martin Audio CDD6 speakers had everyone smiling and reaching for the microphone to have a go themselves. Appreciation of the system wasn’t only confined to the mosque either, as it also included facilities to broadcast to people’s homes with a radio system and via the internet professional mixing facilities were provided. Community events were catered for with external speakers and microphones/ PC input capability. As the centre plays an important role in teaching, several rooms were also provided with local facilities for microphones and laptop connections with a Clever Acoustics ZM8 Audio switching matrix facilitating flexible distribution throughout the centre, these areas are now truly multi-functional and help the centre to make the most of its facilities with successful completion of the complex system and customer satisfaction (always a priority), ImPerium Integration Ltd are now moving forward with the wider Islamic community on the project in the North West.